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Dr John Merchant specialises in providing private psychological services (including psychotherapy and supervision) to adults in Sydney. Further details about these services as well as John’s consulting, training and publications can be found on the other pages in this website.


Australian & New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts (ANZSJA)

In ANZSJA’s training and professional development programs, John’s presentations have included:


  • 'Working with the aversive countertransference' (Canberra)
  • 'The shaman archetype and its application to analyst training' (Sydney)
  • 'A contemporary reappraisal of classical archetype theory' (Auckland)
  • 'The uses of subjective experience' (Melbourne)
  • ‘The Personal and Collective Psyche – Therapy as a Process of Individuation’ (Sydney)
  • ‘Transference and Countertransference: the Essentials’ (Sydney)
  • ‘Jungian Analysis: The Nature of the Psyche and Processes of Therapeutic Change’ (Sydney)

Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney.

John Merchant has been involved in the College’s training courses in the Masters of Counselling program and Human Resource Management subjects to do with Strategic Planning, Leadership, Teamwork and Change Management.



Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sydney


John Merchant has run courses for the Centre on:


  • Starting a Private Practice in Psychology and Counselling
  • Jung & Dreams
  • Carl Jung: His Life & Work
  • Psychology: An introduction

  • Treating Mental Illness: The different psychotherapies

  • Jung and Alchemy
  • Jung and Archetypes
  • Understanding Mental Illness
  • Narcissism
  • Conflict Resolution in a Customer-driven World

John Merchant has been the previous Coordinator for the University Preparation Course in Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Centre for Community Welfare Training

John Merchant has run courses for the Centre on:

  • Using Dreams in Counselling Settings