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Dr John Merchant specialises in providing private psychological services (including psychotherapy and supervision) to adults in Sydney. Further details about these services as well as John’s consulting, training and publications can be found on the other pages in this website.


Jungian analysis is a particular type of individual psychotherapy in which the therapist and the client explore together the client’s current experiences, the previous emotional wounds they have suffered and their past memories.

Jungian analysis is not about ‘giving advice’ but focuses on where the distress has come from by starting with the question – ‘why is it like this for me?’ – as a way of getting to - ‘what can I do about it?’

This approach can deal with a broad range of problems often experienced as ongoing sadness (like depression), fears and relationship problems as well as confronting those hurdles which interfere with an unfolding life direction.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations in life (including relationships) that feel like a repeat. By becoming more aware of our unconscious motivations, our range of choice is expanded, our emotions and thoughts can come into balance and a deeper meaning to life can emerge. Because of its exploratory nature, Jungian analysis tends to be a longer form of psychotherapy. It is not a ‘quick fix’ but rather gets at deeper causes so that lasting change can be achieved. Without this, problems only reappear in other ways.

Jungian analysis also emphasises the unique individuality of each person so it can incorporate other forms of personal and creative expression like artwork, a client’s dream material and their transpersonal beliefs. All of this requires a strong working alliance between the therapist and the client. Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained.